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Tracking Categories Xero


Once connected to Xero in Business Settings > Integrations – you can map the Xero tracking categories to align with the most appropriate entity in Zahara. 


You can set one of the tracking categories to align with Zahara’s projects. Projects are line item level – as you would expect – but provide the full functionality of a projects module. We recommend always using projects for actual projects where you can. However, Zahara’s project don’t actually align with Xero’s projects. 

Once connected you can go to create projects in Zahara which will sync back as new tracks into Xero. 

Cost Codes

You can set one of the tracks to Zahara’s cost codes. Our cost codes are virtually an exact mirror of a Xero track. A line level select list that can have any value. If you set one of your tracks to cost codes, we will sync from Xero into Zahara. 

Changing Over

If you need to change the mappings at any time, you can swap them over or adjust them. You will receive a warning. We will try to switch the mappings in a way that doesn’t create duplicates or orphans. This might include disabling child elements or deleting them so they can be pulled back from Xero. In this case, we treat Xero as the master source and would never delete anything in Xero. 

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