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Supplier order acceptance


We have two ways for a supplier to accept an order. The first is more sophisticated. It requires the supplier to digitally sign your terms and conditions before receiving the order. 

The second is very easy, you can add Accept/Reject buttons to the supplier email template and see the status in your Purchases list view. 


There may be times where it isn’t good enough to just email the supplier a purchase order. You might want them to acknowledge receipt of this order together with your schedule of works or terms and conditions. We have created a routine that allows a vendor to review and accept documents,  and for them to digitally sign to accept it. It works like this:

Create your order in the usual way. On the page that offers you the ability to add documents, click the icon and choose “Schedule of Works” from the type. Then tick “Requires Acceptance” as shown below.

Complete your order and make sure it goes into a workflow that at least has a step of “Send to Supplier”.

send to supplier

Once approved and the Send to Supplier step is engaged, the vendor will receive an email from Zahara asking them to take action. The wording of this email is editable in Business Settings > HTML Templates tab as shown below:



Supplier's Actions

The supplier will now receive an email as shown below:


Once the “Review link” is clicked, they will be taken to this screen: 


Here they will see a screen with your “Schedule of Works” document and the line items of your order that accompanies it. (you can attach whatever PDF document you like – terms and conditions/terms of business, but for the purposes of this procedure we call it a “schedule of works”)

  • The Vendor now has to click a button to generate a signing code.
  • The signing code is emailed to the address we hold in the vendor record.
  • The signing code must be copied and pasted into the field  – see below
  • If the code is accepted, the vendor can click the Accept button.
  • Once accepted, the vendor is emailed the purchase order and the schedule of works (your uploaded PDF).
  • The originator of the order can be notified (set an email step for this in your workflow).
  • The notes of the order will state that the order has been accepted.

The status of the order will show as below until the vendor takes action:


Supplier Acceptance Buttons

A more simplistic approach to having your suppliers accept the purchase order is to add supplier acceptance buttons to the Supplier Purchase Order template. The place holder is shown below – {vendor_acceptance}

When the supplier receives their email, it will show as this: 

The status of the acceptance can be shown in the Purchases list view when the field is added using the table icon and editing the choices:


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