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Deleting a PO

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Deleting a PO

You can delete a Purchase Order if you have the delete permission. The delete functionality will be removed if the purchase order has been sent to a supplier. Once a purchase order is deleted, you have no access to the audit trail behind it and the ability to see it has been deleted for Audit purposes. Closing the order is a more compliant way of removing it from a list view. If you are cleaning up after a trial you can use the Maintenance section under the Admin Settings and purge documents created during the trial. 


Delete Steps

  • Find the Purchase Order and view it / edit it. 
  • Make sure it isn’t in a workflow – if it is you will need to edit it and set the workflow to None. 
  • Assuming you have the delete permission, click the delete icon from the Actions menu 

If the Delete icon isn’t active it’s for one of the following reasons: 

  1. The document has been sent to a supplier 
  2. The document is in a workflow still 
  3. You haven’t got the delete permission 



Closing an Order instead

You can close an order to remove it from your lists. To close an order, click the Close link off the Document Actions menu. You can also use the Orders select functionality to bulk select orders and then use the Update functionality to close them as shown below: 

A closed order can be retrieved again but will be hidden unless expressly searched for or the list view is changed to include Closed orders. 

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