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Leaver process – Approver


An approver has left gainful employment with you, and they have 20 documents waiting for their approval. What to do? 
Here’s our advice. 
  1. Change their password in Tenancy > Admin and get the new employee to log in as them or you log in and approve anything.
  2. Update any workflows to change the approver – edit the approval process – replace the approver with the new approver (Divisions).
  3. Recycle any documents that are stuck with “the leaver” – go into the document and either click the recycle button or edit and allow the rules to recycle the approval.
The workflow will never know that someone has left. You need to take control of the situation and use one of the methods above. Alternatively, reycle the user. Change the name and email address. The workflow uses the USER ID behind the scenes so if they have a replacement, just recycle the user. 
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