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Two factor authentication


Two factor (multi factor) authentication is available to all customers under Enterprise or higher plans. It can be enabled for your account so that users can authenticate using the Google authenticator app. 

How it works

  1. Ask the Zahara Team to enable it for you. Please submit a support request.
  2. You will then need to enable it for your users – individually in their user records
  3. The user will need to download Google Authenticator onto their phones (or compatible application you prefer to promote) iOS or  Android
  4. The user will be asked to set up MFA when they next login – a new screen will appear with a QR code
  5. The user will need to scan a QR code using their authenticator app
  6. The user will generate a code and enter the code – the Zahara app will be registered in Authenticator now and display a new code anytime they are prompted for one.
  7. The user will now be able to access Zahara from this same PC or device for 30 days without issues, provided they have ticked the “remain logged in for 30 days option”
  8. Logging on from a new device will require the passcode being entered from their phone
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