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Send PO to Supplier


You can send a purchase order to a supplier from Zahara. The standard format of a Purchase Order is PDF. You can also send a purchase order to your supplier in a CSV or JSON format. There are three ways to send a purchase order as well: 

  1. As part of a workflow 
  2. From the purchase order Document Actions menu 
  3. Download it and send from your own email account

Purchase Order Format

You can choose what format to use for the purchase order on a supplier by supplier basis. The default is PDF. To change a supplier’s PO format, click into the supplier module in Zahara and edit the supplier as shown below: 

screen shot supplier purchase order

Now edit the details section as shown:

edit supplier details

Now scroll down and change the setting: Purchase Order send format

supplier send po as CSV

As you can see above, you have a choice of PDF, CSV or JSON. You can also choose to send a PDF with one of the other formats. 

Sending the order

You can send the purchase order from the Document Actions menu of the purchase order. Click this and then click the Send to Supplier link.

This will reveal the following box: 

You can fine tune your choices here to change email addresses – your senders email, the reply to and the recipients. You can also change the CC email address. As described above you can also change the format of the Purchase Order from PDF to JSON/ CSV or a combination. 

The wording of the email can be edited on the right hand side. You can use the Insert menu to add placeholders (Insert template). Once ready, click Send. 

The document history will be updated to show that you have sent the purchase order. The email will send from your chosen SMTP provider. This is usually Zahara hence why the email is The “purchases” part of the email can be changed to anything you like but your company name is recommended.

Download & Send Controls

You will notice that you cannot download or send to the supplier unless an order has completed its workflow and shows green. If a workflow is still pending or rejected, the order cannot be sent. 

Workflow Step

You can add a purchase order workflow step to send the purchase order to the supplier. This is covered in the approvals and workflow help guide. Learn how to automate purchase order sending 

Just add the following workflow step to your Purchase Order workflow and position it at the end of the workflow 

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