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PO Template Editing


All templates are edited in Business Setting. The HTML templates tab will reveal all templates – Email, Document & Line Items, 


Purchase Order Document Template

You have two templates that make up the Purchase Order that is sent to the supplier. The first template is the one you can see very easily that can either be edited in line with the WYSIWYG editor or at source by editing the HTML. 

Because this is an HTML file, you can change this to anything you want. You will need to edit the HTML (View > Source Code). 

Template Chooser

You will notice a Template chooser on the right-hand side. If you don’t like the Template we start you off with, see if there is another template you like the look of. 



All of the fields you may wish to drop onto the template are called placeholders and can be found by clicking Insert and then Insert Template. All placeholders have { } around them. Please don’t guess them! Choose from the list of available fields. 


Line items

The line items of the Purchase Order have their own template. This is found in the yellow section: 
Choose the Purchase Order Document Lines option

Once you click into this, you will see the WYSIWYG version which looks like this: 

Here’s the but. You need to edit the HTML. To change the fields in the template, click View > Source Code and get to the code. This looks like this: 

You just need to remember that the row (Table Row) starts with <tr> and will end with </tr>. You then need to wrap each of the placeholders with a <td></td> so <td>{net_value}</td>

The you might want to style the elements so <td style=”text-align: right;”>{net_value}</td>

The important thing here is you need to marry the header rows of your template with the line items template:

is married with the line items: 

You will notice the {line_items} place holder in the document template. This needs to have it’s HTML maintained so is actually: 

<td colspan=”100%”>{line_items}</td>

If you get stuck and inadvertently delete your line items, go into the HTML and paste this code in after the header row. 


Testing your changes

Although you can run a preview of your changes, it is best to create a Purchase Order that’s not in a workflow. You can then download the Purchase Order so you can see the actual PDF that is produced. 

Adding T&C to your PDF

We recommend you place a link to your terms and conditions on your Purchase Order. Create a T&C PDF and place it on your website in say a /download folder. Then just add a hyperlink to it such as 

  • This Purchase Order is made in accordance with our standard terms and conditions – available here  

It is possible to create a page break and add your terms. Here is a help article to do this: 

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