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Bulk importing orders


You can bulk import orders from a CSV file. Go to the Documents > Purchases pages and select import from the New Purchase Order button. Now download the CSV template.Β 

Then download the template from this screen:

Column Headings

The process is straight forward, provided you know how to populate the order CSV file. A copy is shown below.

order import

Line# – Each line in your order needs to be numbered. This field also acts as the break field for a new order. In the example above, this will create a 5 line order to Canon and a 3 line order to Adobe.

Division – Enter the name of the Division exactly as it is in Zahara.

AcctCode – This is the supplier/vendor reference field in your supplier record – not the supplier name.

Date Required – Populate this in the same format as your Business Settings ie Euro, US or ISO.

Currency – The 3 letter ISO currency codes if you aren’t sure. GBP/USD/EUR are the common ones.

Second Ref – This will show if the second ref field is enabled

QTY – Line item quantity.

Product Code – Any product code.

Description – Line item description.

PriceΒ  – Unit price.

Discount – Any percentage discount without the % sign i.e, just 20 for 20% discount. Put 0 for zero discount. Do not leave blank.Β 

TaxRate – Just the tax % rate without the % sign.

Nominal Code – Just the code – not the description.

Project Code – Just the code – not the name or description.

Cost Code – Just the code – not the description.

Once your order CSV file looks like the one above, try importing it. You will get feedback if there are any errors. If successful, the orders will be created.Β 

The default delivery address under your business settings will be applied as the delivery address.

Import as Draft

If preferred you can have all orders imported as Draft orders. In Business Settings > Purchase Orders, there is a setting to enable this.Β 

Otherwise, all orders will be created and sent into their default workflowΒ 

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