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Any messages relating to connection or authentication
Go to Business > Settings > Integrations. Disconnect and then reconnect to Xero. Enter relevant credentials and try a sync. Read the help article about using a dedicated username and password for Zahara. 
Invoice won’t post to Xero 
If you see a red export icon, go into the invoice and look at the history at the bottom of the page. There will be a message with the reason why the export failed. This will usually be one of three things a) Xero is no longer connected to Zahara – see above b) The supplier or supplier account code isn’t matched or it thinks there is a duplicate – see below c) The Nominal code used isn’t valid 
Syncing Suppliers / Supplier issues
When Zahara is first connected to Xero, suppliers will be sycned. Zahara matches the supplier on the Supplier Name and the Account Number. The account number is an optional field value in Xero – Zahara will use the long Unique Identifier if one doesn’t exist. If you have any issues with posting invoices or syncing suppliers, look for a duplicate first. Remove any duplicates and manually set the Account Number / Account Code to match. Read the article also on where to originate suppliers – our recommendation is in Zahara. 
Nominal Code Issues
Make sure you don’t have any orphaned nominal codes in Zahara that are not in Xero. It could be you created some as part of a setup and then synced with Xero. Xero won’t recognise these, even if they have the same number. 
I cannot delete anything because it says do it in Xero and Sync
If you need to delete something – like a nominal code or tax code, go to Business > Settings > Integration and change it to say Excel. Save the changes. Now go into the codes and make the delete change you need. Now go back to Integrations and reconnect to Xero. 
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