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How do I go from trial to paid edition? 

All of the work you put into setting up your trial will carry over into your paid-for version. Once you agree to pay for Zahara your account will be setup and enabled. You can either pay online, from our pricing page – zaharasoftware or you can talk to our sales team who will organise a bespoke price based on your usage.

Can I upgrade my package? Yes, you can upgrade at any time. Your usage is available to view on the Subscriptions page of Zahara. Here you will see the number of users you have and the volume of orders and invoices you are creating. To upgrade your package, which effectively means add more volume, you will need to speak to the customer success team. They can be emailed using this address – they will increase your allowance and arrange the billing change for you. 

How do I cancel my subscription? 

As a monthly customer you can cancel at any time. We require 30 days notice. Just email If you are an annual paying customer, you can cancel the subscription at the end of the term. We don’t offer refunds. Again, please email customer success. 

I am receiving a message saying “out of quota”, what does this mean?

All of the things in Zahara that you use have an annual or monthly quota. This includes the number of orders, invoices, suppliers and users. If you receive a quota message it means your are using more of Zahara than you have agreed and will need to speak to us to add more allowance. 

How do I change my billing details?

You may be paying by credit card for a monthly subscription. If you are, you could manage your payment information by logging into the billing portal. Zahara Billing Portal.  Trying doing a password reset if you aren’t familiar with the login information. Use your billing email of course. 

If you pay by direct debit then we will need to change the monthly invoice we send you. For that contact the customer success team. 

For all other billing enquires, email the customer success team and they will assist. 

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