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Coding Restrictions


It’s likely that your buyers won’t need the whole chart of accounts to choose from when raising a Purchase Order. The same could be true for Cost Codes or Projects. In Zahara, you can restrict which codes the buyers see when they raise an order (or an invoice). This is all managed in the Division settings. When raising an order the buyer can see a filtered list as shown below: 

Setting Restrictions

Edit a Division and click on the the Restrictions tab: 

From here you can choose whether to apply the restrictions to Purchase Order, Invoices or Both. 

You can filter the nominal codes (or cost codes / projects)

And choose the Codes you wish to show to the Division. They will show with the purple colour as above (Advertising 6201…) 


Set to Budget

It could be that you have already set a Budget for this Division. You can click the “Set as budget” to on as shown below. This will automatically select the codes used in the budget. 

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