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Copy PO to Buyer


We get asked this question a lot “How do I send a copy of the Purchase Order to the Buyer?” Here are the best options available to you. Firstly, there are 3 ways to send a PO to the supplier:

  1. Send as a step within a workflow.
  2. Send from within the order using the send email icon.
  3. Download a copy of the PO and send it yourself.

Steps 1 & 2 above have an audit trail behind them and the ability to have links in the email that ask the supplier to accept or reject the order, so these are our suggested methods.

A typical process, though, is where you want to let the buyer know that the order is approved and that they can send the PO off themselves. There is no way to send a copy of the PO to the buyer in an email. You can send the buyer an email and provide a link to the order.  This would be achieved by adding a “send email” step to your workflow. You can provide as much information as you like about the order using placeholders and links.

The best solution is to add a “send purchase order to supplier” step at the end of your purchase order approval.  This step has the ability to “CC Originator” – this is in effect what you want to do. This method gives you a good audit trail and shows you if the order was accepted by the supplier (add the relevant placeholder to your supplier email template)

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