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When creating a Contact in Xero, it doesn’t become a Supplier until you record a Bill against it. Zahara only picks up contacts that have been flagged as suppliers. 

We highly recommend creating your suppliers in Zahara. Zahara is designed for multi-user access so you can control who has the power to add new suppliers. You can also create a Microsoft Flow to alert you when a new supplier is created in Zahara.

If you create a new supplier in Zahara, you don’t need to sync it to Xero. We will create it in Xero when we record the first Bill against it (Zahara invoice). If you do sync your suppliers first, then we will create it in Xero and tag it as a supplier by creating a Zero value Draft Bill.

Xero requires there to be a Contact with a Bill  assigned. Therefore, for each supplier that exists in Zahara, but doesn’t exist in Xero, a new contact is created in Xero and a new Bill is created. This means that you will likely see a large amount of empty draft bills be created in your Xero upon syncing your suppliers for the first time- don’t worry!

As a manual workaround, you may also create the same supplier in Xero and Zahara. This requires for the Supplier name and account code to be identical.

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