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Payments with Comma

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Payments with Comma

Zahara allows you to export your invoices to Comma ( where they can be grouped together and converted into a payment run. Comma allows you to make payments using your existing UK bank or upload money from your bank into a Digital wallet and then make payments to individual suppliers or employees. 

Why use Comma? They make payments easier. It’s as simple as that. Paying invoices from your bank account can be time-consuming and the existing banks make it as difficult for us as possible with limits on the amount you can send in one go and the quantity you can pay in one go. With Comma you can manage payment runs and send links to your colleagues to have them make the payment or process the run. There is a full audit trail. 



How it works

  1. First off create an account in Comma – As part of the setup add in any colleagues to the team who will need to export invoices for payment. We use the user’s email address in Comma, and match that with any users having that email address in Zahara.
  2. In Zahara’s Business Settings, find the Payments tab and set your company registration number. Also, choose those colleagues who can export invoices for payment. Set the type of business. Now test the connection. If Comma has a company registered with that number, it will match and confirm. 
  3. Invoices can be selected for payment now in Zahara. From the invoice list view, select them, Click Export and then select “Pay Selected with Comma”. Please make sure all of your supplier’s bank details are correctly set in Zahara. We need the sort code and the account number. When exporting the invoice data to Comma, we are sending the suppliers details, bank details, due date and amount. 
  4. You can enable the payment status field in Zahara in your invoice list view. You can then see those invoices that have successfully been sent to Comma. Just click the table icon as shown below to add the field into your view. 


Payment Runs In Comma

Once invoices are flowing into Comma they can be selected and put into Payment Runs. Payments runs can be shared (allows you to show a colleague what or who you propose to pay). A payment run can be paid using your existing bank which you will need to connect to in a one-off process. 

Payment runs can be edited or deleted. You can also delete any payments sent to Comma from Zahara. 


Comma Wallet

Paying via your existing bank in Comma still has the same limitations you are used to. You will need to continue with the same authorisations that you have already set up and Open Banking limits the value and number of payees you can pay in one go. Comma allows you to pay via its Wallet though. This is a virtual bank account. You will need to upload money from your company account to the Wallet but then you can make payments to your suppliers (and staff) from this wallet with fewer limitations. 



Give it a go!

Our recommendation is to take a trial of Comma and see for yourself how more efficient payments can be. 

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