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Zapier: Automatically adding PO and Invoice Data in Excel Online or Google Sheets

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Zapier: Automatically adding PO and Invoice Data in Excel Online or Google Sheets

Using Zapier you can have the data from your new Purchase Orders or Invoices automatically added to an online spreadsheet. Our recommendation is to add to Excel Online or Google Sheets.



Pre Requisites

You will need an account at Zapier – Depending on the number of tasks that you need to run per month, it could be completely free. Create an account if you don’t already have one.

You will also need to create the spreadsheet that you would like to add the data to before creating your Zapier automation.


Creating the spreadsheet

First, you will need to create the spreadsheet in your chosen online Spreadsheet provider. Add the column headings to this spreadsheet that you’d like to have Zapier to add when a new Purchase Order or Invoice is created. Zahara’s Zapier integration as a number of fields available for use. These can include: 

  • Supplier
  • Purchase Order/Invoice Number
  • Dates
  • Line Items
  • Totals
  • Many more

Creating the Zap

Once you have your spreadsheet ready, simply create your Zap manually, or select from one of our preset templates.

When you select to connect to Zahara – You will be prompted to connect to add your Zahara API Key.

Zapier Api

This API key can be found within Zahara. Head to Business>Settings>Integrations. You will need to create multiple Zaps and connections for each Business Unit in Zahara

You will then need to connect to your spreadsheet provider. Once connected, find your spreadsheet, which sheet you want to populate, etc. This will then bring across all your column headings. You can then map each column heading with what is available in Zahara.

Once you’ve connected everything up, run a test to confirm that the data successfully appears as you expect and turn your Zap on.

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