When you bring up the order/purchases list, you are shown by default Open orders. Closed orders are hidden. This makes for a more efficient list view.
When creating an invoice, you are also presented with a list of open orders. A shorter, filtered list might be preferable.

When to close an order

An order is effectively completed when the goods have been delivered and an invoice has been recorded against it. There is little requirement from that point onwards to go back to the order. Closed orders can be re-opened and the history viewed, but generally, when the order is idle it’s a good time to close it.


Closing orders

You can close an order individually by clicking Document Actions and Close.



Admin Maintenance

You can also use the maintenance area – in Admin > Settings
Here you select the Business Unit and then what you want to close orders for and then the criteria.
There is no batch undo on this so choose wisely!
The Fully Matched option has criteria of:
  1. Fully matched with an invoice
  2. The invoice has been exported
  3. There has been no activity for 20 days
You can override the 20 days by adding your own number in the “days delay before closing” box.

Finding & Opening Orders

To open an order, head to your Order Lists and click the “Show Closed Orders” Icon as shown below
Make sure the date is sufficient enough to cover the date of the order – ie Last 12 months or All. 
Now search for your order.
You can open the order by clicking Reopen within the Document Actions.