You can create custom fields for both purchase orders & invoices –  these will be found above the line items. We have plans to roll this functionality out though to other areas like line-items and suppliers. Custom fields on GRN line items are available as a premium feature if required. 


Creating Fields

You can create multiple custom fields and use their values to trigger workflows. A typical example will be a buying type – for example, a buying category such as Capex or Opex.

To create a custom field, go to Business > Settings > Custom Fields.

Custom field

Provide a name, a description and then list option values, separated by a semicolon.



You can then use this value as a condition on a workflow entry point or step. An example is shown below:

custom field workflow

This example shows a workflow that will only trigger if the custom field of ‘Stage’ has the value of ‘Landed’.



Custom fields are available to view in reporting as well.