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Custom Fields

You can create custom fields for both purchase orders & invoices –  these will be found above the line items. We have plans to roll this functionality out though to other areas like line items and suppliers. Custom fields on GRN line items are available as a premium feature if required. 


Creating Fields

You can create multiple custom fields and use their values to trigger workflows. A typical example will be a buying type – for example, a buying category such as Capex or Opex.

To create a custom field, go to Business  Settings > Custom Fields. Click “New Field”

Select the type – Purchase Order or Invoice. 

Give the field a name 

Create a name for the placeholder – ie the {name} you will use in your templates 

Add a description to help you identify it

And then a display order – you can order your custom fields. 

Under field type, select one of Text, Date or Select list. If you select List, you can then populate the items in the list. 



You can then use this value as a condition on a workflow entry point or step. An example is shown below:

custom field workflow

This example shows a workflow that will only trigger if the custom field of ‘Stage’ has the value of ‘Landed’.



Custom fields are available to view in reporting as well. 


Custom field nesting

You can create Parent and Child custom fields. An example is a list that has Vehicle manufacturers: 

Ford, BMW, Mercedes

The second list below has Models of cars but is filtered based on the manufacturer – the parent list. In the example below, you can see the List is Vehicle models, with a parent of Manufacturers. Each child of the list can have the Parent list option specified. 

When setup, you will see these fields working correctly on the PO or Invoice screen.