All templates are found in Business > Settings 

On this menu, you will find all of the email templates and the Purchase Order templates. We have provided a “What You See Is What You Get” editor as well as allowing you to edit the HTML code behind.

To access all of the actual field values, click onto Insert > Insert Template link. This will then show all of the field values that can bed used in your emails and purchase order template in a drop down. You can copy and paste these placeholders into the respective email or document templates.

It will be easy to edit Email Templates and you can change the wording to suit.

You can have whatever you want with the Purchase Order template and we provide at least one choice by default. If you do want’t to edit the structure, we recommend you edit the HTML code and create any <Divs> or <Tables> to suit. We will be happy to create a bespoke PDF template for you for a one-off charge. Just get in touch and tell us what you want. Here is the dedicated help article for editing the Purchase Order