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Import Line Items

When raising an order, as explained on this help article – How to create a purchase order – you can import your line items. You may have all of the items you wish to buy on a spreadsheet. Provided they are in our format, you can import them into the order. You can also bulk import purchase orders.


How it works

When creating a purchase order, click into the Line Items panel. You will see this: 

Click the link “Import from CSV”

You will see the import box as below, and this has the option to download the template 

Once the template is dowloaded, you will see these fields in the spreadsheet: 


  • Even if the discount is zero, add a 0
  • Tax percentage – enter the amount without a % sign 
  • Nominal, Project & Cost Code are all codes – not descriptions 
  • Division name – be exact, no spaces
  • Required date – use your date format as set in Business Settings 

When importing back in, tick the header box if the CSV has a header row as above: 



Unforgiving Import

The import isn’t forgiving. It needs everything to be perfect so make sure you have your codes correct and indeed all other values correct. Anything unexplained will cause a rejection of the importing and you will need to edit and retry.