Our integration with QuickBooks Online syncs vendors, GL Codes, Tax Rates and classes. In addition, invoices (Bills/expenses) created in Zahara can be exported into QuickBooks. 

To connect to QuickBooks Online, within Zahara, click into Business > Settings > Integrations

  • Choose QuickBooks Online from the list of available options.
  • Click the QuickBooks logo to connect.
  • Choose your Business and link it to your Zahara business.
  • You are now ready to sync and post bills.

Account Codes

Please note – Zahara relies on your Account Codes – what some people call General Ledger codes or Nominal codes. To enable the posting of invoices in QuickBooks Online, you will need to make sure your codes are enabled if they aren’t already.

This is a setting in QuickBooks Online. To do this log in to QuickBooks Online and click the settings icon in the top right corner. Then click accounts & settings and finally advanced.



Now find “Enable Account Numbers” as above, and switch it to on and set them to show. 

You may now need to edit all of the ones you wish to use in Zahara and add numbers.  Then when you sync with Zahara the chart of accounts will come over to Zahara, enabling invoices to post back. 


Stock & Products

“Post Products to Item Details”

You have an option of switching this on. By default, all invoices in Zahara are posted to QuickBooks Online as expenses. If you enable this setting, any invoice lines with products will be posted as items. If you have corresponding product codes in both Zahara and QuickBooks, and you have stock control enabled in QuickBooks, quantities will be updated from the posted invoices.