You can access your Zahara data in the reporting API. Please visit this page to see the swagger file: 


The data made available to you is: 

  • Line items 
  • Orders
  • Invoices 
  • Budgets
  • Dimension tables like Divisions, Nominal codes, Cost Codes. 

Pre Requisites

To use the data api, you need us to enable your tenancy. You can discuss this with customer success or sales. Once enabled your data will be made available and updated once a day. There are two variables you need. 

  1. Your tenancy ID – that’s usually hidden from you but we will provide it to you 
  2. Your tenancy api key – this is available from the Admin menu of Zahara and then choosing Settings. 

Using the data

The data is updated daily so is designed for reporting where real-time data isn’t required. 

The line items, orders and invoice data can all be consumed in Excel using PowerQuery. Here is a video which shows you how to connect and access the data. 

Using the same methodology you can use Microsoft PowerBI to model your data. With PowerBI (or indeed any other BI tool), you can use the Dimension tables to model budget spend as well. 


Data Limits

The api call can determine how much data is brought back. If left blank, all of the data will be returned. This could be useful for the very first call. Once you have the core of your data you can then filter down to:

  • A year 
  • A month and year 
  • A number of days