The standard way to send a Purchase Order to a supplier is in a PDF format. You may have key suppliers though who would prefer to receive the purchase order data in a format that is easier for them to ingest into their sales order processing system, remembering that your PO is their sales order. 

You can now select on a supplier by supplier basis what format to send the purchase order in. 

  • PDF
  • JSON 
  • CSV

How it works

Click into the supplier module in Zahara and edit the supplier as shown below: 

screen shot supplier purchase order

Now edit the details section as shown:

edit supplier details

Now scroll down and change the setting: Purchase Order send format

supplier send po as CSV

As you can see above, you have a choice of PDF, CSV or JSON. You can also choose to send a PDF with one of the other formats. 


Sending the order

The order is usually sent to the supplier as part of a workflow, after an approval. If you change the default format, the order will be sent to the supplier in the preferred way.