AutoPilot is the ability to have supplier invoices arrive in the Zahara inbox, be accurately read and then sent out for approval or into a workflow which may result in a straight through export into the finance system. This is automation at its best. 


Trust the supplier

It’s really simple. All you need to do is mark a vendor as being Trusted. 

Pre Requisites

You need to be using the Zahara Inbox and you need to have invoice credits. You also need to have processed a few invoices from a supplier to know that the recognition is 100% accurate, and that the coding used, the currency and the default Division and therefore workflow is set correctly. Basically if you never have to click anything  apart from Next and Create for a given supplier then you are ready to make the supplier Trusted and switch to automation. 



There is a backstop though so we wont create an invoice if certain things don’t make sense or there is an obvious problem with it. We want this to make your lives easier, so we recommend using it where you can, so you can concentrate on the more complex invoices.