These are the typical user issues
The user cannot login but they are a registered user
The user account has been created but the user hasnt been assigned to a Divison or provided with a role. Check their assignment, role and permissions
The user cannot be setup – already exists
Email addresses are used in Zahara for usernames and these must be unique. If you or the user has previously created a trial then that user account will need to be fixed. You will need to submit a support ticket
User is locked out
If the user gets a failed attempt password lockout, then submit a support ticket and we will remedy it. 
User has left the business
You can recycle the user account – just delete it – no record (orders / invoice histories) will be affected. You can also rename the account to re-use it and retain it’s place in divisions and workflows, however older documents will have their details affected. The document history, in this case however, will remain accurate to the older, changed name.
Cannot add more users
If you have reached your user limit you will need to buy more users and have your license upgraded. Contact customer services
You don’t receive the password reset email
Check your spam folder. It will come from ZaharaBot – it may go to Spam / Junk. You made need to white list the Myzahara.net domain