Custom Buttons

You can create a custom approval button. Head to Business >Settings > Custom Buttons. 

With Custom Buttons you can create an approval button of your own label. The outcome will be to approve or reject. In addition you can change the value of a custom field. You can create the separately for purchases and invoices. 

Example. As standard you have Approve / Reject in an approval. You could also add a third “Re Charge” button. This could then change a custom field value to “Re Charge”. As part of the approval, the field value will get changed and somebody else will know they now need to take action. 

To Create a button, complete the screen below:

Deploying the button 

To deploy the button you need to add a placeholder into your existing approval templates. 

As part of creating the custom button, you will create a template placeholder that you name in the second field:


You then drop the placeholder into your approval email as shown below:


Other uses

We will expand the functionality of this feature over time. Other uses we have considered are “Forward” – to send to another approver. Please do let us know if you have specific ideas or require specific actions that could be incorporated either free as a future release or chargeable as a timed release to suit. 

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