This article tells you how to receipt an order. GRN means Good Received Note. 


Purchase Order List View

You can receipt an order from the Purchase Order (PO) list view. Find an order, tick it and click the GRN icon. 

You will now see a Wizard asking if the order is received in Full. Answering yes sets all received quantities to the ordered quantities. 

  • You can adjust any received quantities. 
  • You can also adjust the delivery date and add a GRN number – perhaps the document number from the GRN document. 
  • You can upload a copy of the GRN document as well (assumes you have scanned it already)



GRN on Mobile

The mobile app lends itself to receipting very well. You have a camera to photograph the delivery note and you can interact with the line items very easily. 

  • Find an order from the Order list view
  • Swipe to the left
  • Touch the GRN button 

The Camera icon can be tapped to engage the camera. Tapping the green tick will receipt it fully. 


Viewing the order

You can also receipt an order when viewing the order. Click the Document Actions menu and then click the GRN link. 



Receipting Data

The GRN data is attached to the order history. If you would like to see the state of the receipting, click into an order and scroll down to the history. This data can be used in the reporting section of Zahara as well for GRNI reports. 


GRN Status

In the order list view, you can opt to show the GRN status. This is an icon that shows as:

  • Green – Fully received 
  • Orange Not full received  
  • Red – Over receipted 

GRN Custom Fields

If your plan supports it, you can have GRN custom fields enabled so that additional line-level fields are made available to you at the point of GRN.