Invoice Processing Explained

Overview  Zahara allows you to record invoices from your vendor. These invoices (bills) could be for an order you raised or could be an invoice in isolation  – like an electricity bill. No matter, you can record them in Zahara. Once recorded, you have visibility of spend and you can save the PDF of the invoice with it so you have document management for invoices as well. However, you will want these same invoices in your accounts system so will want the easiest way of recording them. Every accounts system is different but here is an example of how we can help you save time:
  • Sage 50 – Use our SmartSync desktop tool to post invoices directly into Sage.
  • Xero – Full integration (March 2017)
  • QuickBooks – IIF export file – import through the QuickBooks UI.
  • ERP system – Click2Sync ODBC – collect invoice line items from a local database with our sync tool or preset CSV files to be dropped out on a schedule
Invoice Matching –  When recording an invoice against an order, we make it very easy and fast with 2 questions:
  1. Does the invoice relate to an order Y/ N
  2. Does the invoice match the order Y/N
If both of these questions are Yes, you can record the invoice populating 2 fields – the invoice number and the invoice date. You can then just drag over a PDF. If the answer to the second question is No – you can match the line items with minimal effort and will have a visual of the line item delivery quantities as well. We have tried to make it so easy for you that you will love it. Invoice Automation  We think invoice capture with OCR becomes powerful when your invoice volumes edge up. We have two distinct OCR tools – both excellent – both affordable. One it geared more for simplicity and the other more for complex integrations. Either way, these tools can load or scan invoices, match them against your orders in Zahara and then export the invoices into Zahara or evern directly to your accounts system. We always say “keep it simple” where possible and look for the efficiency gains.
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