Retain, constrain and maintain spend with flexible budgets

Control and manage your buying with departmental or project Budgets

  • Create departmental or project budgets
  • Decide on period - weekly to indefinite
  • Decide on granularity - GL Codes / Cost Codes / Absolute amounts
  • Set approvals based on budget breach
  • Track budget performance - every purchase can show the budget state
  • Set alerts for Budget creep
  • See in real-time how the budget is performing
  • Empower your staff to buy within set parameters
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Make faster, more informed buying decisions

Control your spend and grow your profits

Whether you are running a festival, running construction sites or wanting to give your marketing or IT teams more autonomy, Zahara's budgets really help control spend. You can set the period and granularity and adjust the spend as you need to. You can enable monthly carry over or set absolute amounts. If a budget is exceeded, approval processes can trigger automatically.

purchase order approval

Events - Controlling spend can be the difference between success and failure

If you take the example of a festival, the difference between success and failure, assuming all tickets are sold, is the amount of spend. Having a clear view of who's buying what, is the core principle of Zahara. But setting out in advance how much can be spent on say staging, accommodation or promotion, allows the buyers to work within an easy to use framework. This is the path to control which then this leads onto profit. There will always be emergency spend requests, but real-time budgeting will allow you to make an informed decision so you can see any impacts as it happens.